Why doesn't my internet explorer have a connection to the server?


Man, I'm having a personal IT crisis.

We decided to try that BellSouth FastAccess DSL. What a mistake it's turned out to be!

We couldn't get it to work with the USB, and their people said it was because we were running Windows 98 first edition. They said to get an Ethernet car.

We put the card in and it still didn't work. It would load its install disc, but when you went to get online Explorer would say it can't find the server and wouldn't do a blasted thing.

Then we decided to scrap the BellSouth and head back to our NetZero free dial-up in hopes of getting online and upgrading to their faster service. But now that we've gone back and tried to get online, it still won't let us do anything. NetZero's button bar and banner ad opens like normal, but IE still says that the server could not be found.

What should I do? I'm so frazzled ....


This question was answered on May 5, 2005. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Well, my suggestion would be to call your Internet Service Provider and let them know that you need serious help with the connection to their server You can also:

1 Click Start, point to Programs, and then click MS-DOS Prompt

2 At the command prompt, type the following commands, pressing ENTER after each command




where windows is the folder in which Windows is installed.

If you are prompted to abort, retry, or fail the operation, press A This causes the Ws2bakup.bat to continue restoring up all the necessary files.

If you receive sharing violation error messages when you run the Ws2bakup.bat file, continue with step 3

3 Click Start, click Shut Down, click "Restart in MS-DOS mode," and then click OK

4 Repeat step 2.

If you receive error messages when you run the Ws2bakup.bat file stating that some programs cannot be run outside of Windows 95, disregard them

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Posted by Johnny of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on May 5, 2005