Why am I getting .rtf and .doc pop ups?


Every now and then, approximately 2 megs of files appear in any number of my folders--usually, folders named "download" or any folders inside folders named "download". These files are named anything from "1001 sex and more.rtf" to "WinXp eBook newest.doc." There are approximately 82 of these files. They don't seem to be openable. I continue to delete them, but they keep popping up. There may be a possible correlation to these things popping up to me using an unregistered bulletproof ftp prgram. Also, every time I do this the icons for all jpegs and txt files changes--it's different every time and random.

I have scanned the hard drive with norton antivirus and it shows nothing. I also uninstalled all of my file sharing programs.


This question was answered on May 10, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Try to add/remove programs first

If no results:

-click on "my computer"

-click on the "c drive"

-clcik on the "administrator folder"

-click on "icons"

Delete all the start up icons that have the unwanted names, close this window.


-click on "my computer"

-click on the "c drive"

-click on the "program files" folder

Find all unwanted folders and delete them.

Lastly, set your internet explorer settings to high by clicking on;


-internet properties

-click on security tab

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Posted by Eli of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on May 10, 2004