Received a "Windows Update" notification now I have a Trojan Horse virus


Hello :)

I received a "Windows Update" notification. I downloaded the update, and ever since then, I keep getting a message of a Trojan Horse Virus. I have AVG 6.0 virus scanner, and AVG is locating the virus and giving me the message. I keep running the virus scan, and once it detected 3 viruses, and once it detected one. Both times, it said it removed the virus. Although I keep getting a popup window from AVG that states there has been a virus detected. Each time I receive that message I run the virus scan and it comes back as no virus detected. When i get the message that there is a virus, it tells me that it is in my C drive. Here is the path it gives me to the virus.

c:\ system volume information\_restore(E083B65F-C172-4EAC-B803-616A3107A61)\RP228\A0031831.exe

It says the virus is Trojan Horse Downloader.VB.EXE

I cant get to the system volume information, and i keep getting the message that this virus is there...

What do i do?

Thank you for your time and expertise :)

Carie Baze


This question was answered on April 23, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Where exactly is the volume information, virus located?

It's in C:\system volume information\_restore\odd looking number.exe; that is your system restore folder.

Windows locks that folder from any modification by programs (or us) including antivirus.

The only way to remove it is disable system restore, reboot, scan, if all clean...turn on system restore again


the following action will delete all restore points and the virus A new restore point is made whenyou re-enable it

Heres how:

1 Turn off System Restore.

On the Desktop, right-click My Computer.

Click Properties.

Click the System Restore tab.

Check Turn off System Restore.

Click Apply, and then click OK

2 Reboot

3 Turn ON System Restore.

On the Desktop, right-click My Computer.

Click Properties.

Click the System Restore tab.

UN-Check *Turn off System Restore*.

Click Apply, and then click OK

How to Turn On and Turn Off System Restore in Windows XP;en-us;310405

If that is not where it is...tell me the exact path to the virus, then I can help.

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Posted by Ludens of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on April 23, 2004