Not installing Windows XP or 98. Only accepts windows 2000?


Simply my PC can’t accept installing winXP or 98. It only accepts win2000.

This problem wasn't persisting before. Until I tried to update my current win2000 from Microsoft, and during the update process the PC hand. No life on it at all. So I restarted it.

After it restarted, all my previous configurations of Win2000 and programs have been changed.

The PC started to be very unstable.

So I decided to format it and install WinXP instead as it has the restore feature.

After formatting the PC, I put the XP cd in and booted my PC from it.

it started reading the required files, until it got to the point that it wants to startup winXP(that screen which has 3 choices to select from), when it get there it gives me a message that mention," due to a fault in one of the plugs component, XP halt for safety". Or some thing in that context.

I tried to install win98 , but another error message appeared that tell there is a division by zero so process halted.

I can't understand what happened to my PC.

Some thing strange happened after that Win2000 update failed.

I installed Win2000 finally, and updated the bios. I tried again to install WinXP but same problem persisted.

Please give me solution rather than changing the whole motherboard :-(




This question was answered on April 21, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Method 1

This method is the more complicated of the two It involves modifying a file in your boot partition before you reboot.

1. Run setup from the final XP image If you receive a message stating that you can't upgrade this version of Windows, you need to perform a fresh install by selecting Fresh Install.

2. Continue with the installation, and choose the same Windows directory for the installation that you want to upgrade.

3. When setup prompts you to reboot, press Escape to manually reboot later, and setup will return you to the Windows shell.

4. The directory $win_nt$.bt in the root of your boot partition (which is typically C:) should contain a file named winnt.sif Open this file in Notepad.

5. Look for the line that reads winntupgrade=no, and change the winntupgrade value to yes.

6. Save the file, and reboot your system.

Method 2

XP contains a Program Compatibility Wizard that you typically use to set up a virtual environment that mimics another version of Windows for programs that won't run under XP Using this wizard, you can fool the final installation into thinking that you're running Windows 2000.

1. Start the Program Compatibility Wizard (go to Start, Programs, Accessories, and click Program Compatibility Wizard).

2. Select 'I want to use the program in the CD-ROM drive' and click Next.

3. Select Microsoft Windows 2000 and click Next.

4. Continue to click Next as appropriate to complete the wizard

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Posted by Student of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on April 21, 2004