Why does my computer tell me “Windows cannot run the 16 bit'?


#1 - When I start my computer, I sometimes get an ERROR message to the effect that 'Windows cannot run the 16 bit' somehing or other. Says there's not Sufficient Memory, and to please close some applications.

Well, I ONLY get the message, if I have turned on my computer and not come backfor say.....at least 3 minutes or more, to select which User I want to Log-in under.

However, if I stay at the computer, and I Log-in right away to which User I want (Administrator, my name or whoevers name), then that Error message NEVER shows up.

What's going on?

#2 - When we Sign-Out of a certain Trading program, we ALWAYS get the following Error message.

"Caution! You are attempting to Open a file of type ' Application Extension.dll '. These files are used by the Operating System and by various Programs. Editing or modifying them could damage your system. If you still want to open the file, click Open With. Otherwise Cancel."

If I were to Click on 'Open With', I see a message that Windows cannot open this file

' Balances - 10.dll '

Behind this Caution Error message pop-up, is always a Download Manager pop-up. It shows the Name as Balances.dll the Progress as empty and Transferred as 0kb of 0kb, and opening from https://www.Scottsave.com/Scripts/Balances Elapsed Time as 3:12

We do absolutely nothing except Sign-Out of the site when done using it. Then the Caution! Error message ALWAYS comes up with the Download Manager pop-up behind it.

What's going on?

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for any help!


This question was answered on November 10, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

To resolve problem # 1 go to the following sight


As for problem #2 there might be a great possibility that that program has been infected with a virus or it has a corrupt file You might want to run your antivirus software.

Hope this helps Good Luck!

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Posted by julie of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on November 10, 2004