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Customizing sounds in Microsoft Windows!

Posted By : Michal of Data Doctors on May 6, 2004

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Make your PC unique by customizing the sounds in MS Windows.

This question was answered on May 6, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

With all the different sound files available on the web it should be a given that your Windows sound files are customized The thing is that most people aren't aware these files can be changed You can customize the sounds you hear for many different events on your computer For example, you can change your new mail sound or the sound you hear when you click a link in IE! Using the Sound Properties options in the Control Panel changes these sounds See the steps below on how to change sounds in your system.

Follow the steps below:

1 Click the 'Start button', point to Settings, and click on 'Control Panel'

2 Double-click the 'Sounds' icon in the 'Control Panel' window

3 Select the sound you want to modify from the list of events

4 From the 'Name' drop-down menu, select the sound you want to hear

5 Click on the play button to the right of the name field

5 Once you finish making all your sound changes, click the 'Apply' button

6 Click the OK button

Note: You can click the "Browse" button to locate any sound file on your computer.

To select a sound you have downloded:

1 Save your favorite WAV files in a convenient place

2 Open the 'Sound Properties' window from the 'Control Panel' (as stated above)

3 Select the 'Sound Event' for which you would like to add or change a sound

4 Browse to the WAV file you want played each time the event occurs and click 'OK'

If you have a microphone attached to your PC you can record your own WAV files There are thousands of places on the web where you can find free WAV files You can find these by going to and typing 'Free WAV Sound Files' in the search field Start customizing your sounds today and stand appart from the crowd

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Posted by Michal of Data Doctors on May 6, 2004

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