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I am randomly getting a blue screen with a fatal error, they have different messages everytime. Sometimes saying to update my bios for motherboard and then all kinds of other errors, i built the computer myself under watch of a professional and i cant figure out the problem.


This question was answered on May 10, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Ahh, the "Blue Screen of Death" It's likely popping up due to some kind of software or hardware problem Without knowing the exact error message, I really can't get much more specific than that It seems that all computers suffer from these occasionally, especially when system resources are low If they seem to only occur when you are using a particular program, there may be an issue with the program itself and / or with your computer's hardware drivers Check and see if there are any bug fixes for the software or if you can install some updated drivers If these blue screens just appear randomly (and frequently), it's been my experience that it's a hardware problem *Usually* the culprit is either the CPU, memory, or motherboard - or any combination of those That's not to say some other piece of hardware isn't causing it, only that those are the first three components I look at What's your best bet if you suspect a hardware problem? Take your computer in for service They can check your components and (hopefully) isolate the problem.

I found a site that has a "directory" of sorts for these fatal exception errors Here's the link: http://www.windrivers.com/tech/troubleshoot/winexceptions.htm

A more direct approach would be to go to Microsoft's homepage and type the exact error into the search box. http://www.microsoft.com

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Posted by Ezequiel of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on May 10, 2004