My mouse acts funny


My scrolling function, both horizontal and vertical, takes off by itself.

1) If on a web page, it zaps down to the bottom and makes me stay there. It's like I put the curson on the bottom of the scrollbar, above the down arrow where you would click to make the scrolling go at max speed - only I didn't do that. The computer did it by itself.

2) If in email, it zaps down the list of messages. In the preview window, each message is being scrolled to the bottom during the flash of a second that the message is highlighted in the list.

3) On the EarthLink home page, the cursor in the Google search window ratchets L to R and continues until I bail out.

4) When I try to log off the 'net, there are times I have to use the Task Mgr to shut down the program, then go to the connection icon on the task bar & disconnect.

5) I have a dialup modem and I log off and shut down the computer after every use.

Offline, other problems then show up. I believe they are related.

1) In card games, there are times the cards respond sluggishly to the cursor. It's like they are attached to the cursor by a rubberband. They follow along slowly and 'springy'.

2) When I try to log off the computer, I am forced to go into Standby. When I power up again, it says there is a program running - but there really isn't. As I persist in trying to shut down, it tells me there is someone else logged on to the computer. I've checked. There isn't. There is one user - me.

3) In Backgammom, if the programmed opponent offers a Double, there are times the computer requires Evaluation and does not allow OK or Reject. I have to do Ctrl/Alt/Del to shut off the program.

4) In Task Mgr, Processes shows System Idle at 97. Most others are 00 or something like 02. I have not attempted to stop the System Idle process. I don't know what would happen.

Add'l info:

I have Norton antivirus that updates automatically several times a week. It does a scheduled system scan weekly. Zero problems so far. I've had Norton for 2 years.

In the last month I downloaded AdAware and SpyBot, the free versions, which I run manually several times a week. On initial use, they showed a number of problems that have been deleted / quarantined. The problems were relieved for a while, but now occur more frequently.

I also get Script Error messages on some websites like QVC and eBay. Could that be related?

I have the XP firewall activated. I clear out Cookies & History regularly.

Last week, I took out the standard mouse and replaced it with the MS Trackball Intelliball. No changes for better or worse with these problems after the changeout.

This has been going on for over a year and is a real nuisance. My computer is about 5 years old.

It did it to me the first time I visited your website this evening. I'm here again now only because I was able to shut down and reboot.

Please help me stop this computer poltergeist!!

Thanks. Phyllis


This question was answered on June 21, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.


I see that you tried another mouse, if you are using the ps/2 slot in the back of your computer you should try a mouse that is USB It might be that the ps/2 slot is not working properly Or if you have been trying USB you should try a ps/2 mouse instead If this problem still persists after tryin this please post back here.


Dimitrios Theodorou

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Posted by Dimitrios of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on June 21, 2004