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When I open the history bar in my browser, it does not contain any web pages, but folders with names made up of the words "MSHIST" followed by a group of serial numbers such as: "MSHist012003070720030714" and each of these folders contain an index.dat file. I think this is because I have copied my user account folder, which its a guess account type, into another's user account folder. and then tried to undo the action, but folders such as the "local settings" and other folders marked as "private" could not be copied back to its original location. So I ran "system restore" but it created duplicates of many files and folders with a suffix number, for instance, I had the folders: username and username(2). so I deleted the duplicates and emptied the trash folder. Also the user account(guest type) whose profile I was copying files from was an administrator account type before. I noticed this change of account type after accessing "user accounts" properties by running the command line: control userpasswords2 in the run dialog box, and even though I did not deleted any username from the list, but just exploring it, it made user names dissapear in the welcome screen and user accounts tool under control panel in winXP.

Given the above explanation, what are my options to recreate my history and favorites folders if the following conditions exist:

I have run the system restore process many times but it could not restore with the restore points available. Is is posible to recover deleted restore points?

In my favorites, subfolders were kept but are empty and links to pages(not grouped into any folders) do not appear. Is there a way to recover my favorites and history contents after a failed attempt to undo the action of "copy a user profile folder to a new profile" and after I emptied the reclycle bin which contained the renamed user account folders that probably had the correct settings for my favorites and history contents.


Viki Wong


This question was answered on May 17, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Viki Wong:

I highly suggest you install a type of virus detecting software If you would like to scan for a virus before you go out and buy a virus protector you can go to and search your system for viruses for free But it will not delete any viruses from your computer If it does detect a virus you should go out and buy a anti virus program, very popular ones are from the company McFee and/or Norton.

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Posted by Dimitrios of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on May 17, 2004