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My computer acts weird after executing virus protection software?


I was surfing the net and everything wasa fine, I use symaten corprate addition virus protection, which several weeks ago detected the W32.gaobot.afj worm. I went to the symatec web site and downloaded the instructions for removing the worm, then loaded a clean copy of the program and had to use there inteligent update vise live update, no matter what I did live update would not work now I am Currently using the May 28th version update 18 definition file. I recently installed Netzone firewall about a week or two ago. I powered the computer down for a few hours. I then turned the computer on and it came up to ask me which way to restart windows and that it might have been shut down wrong or some thing to do with recent hardware or software changes. I went with start Windows normally, well as its trying to load up a blue screen flashes for a split second (cannot read what it says cause its on for a short time) then it goes to black and then back to the which way do you want to start windows page, soo, trying to start in safe mode does the same thing, I have tried all ways except start with prompts and always get the same result. Can you help..

Thank you in advance for your assistance


This question was answered on June 3, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

This occuring from one of many reasons either the virus software is out dated and needs to be renewed or the software has come corrupt due to overwriting a certain file that the software uses, and needs to be re-installed This is a bad thing becasue once a important files becomes corrupt that the computer starts up with it may result in a format and reload becasue there is no way around this obstacle that has been caused You can also try doing a scanreg /restore by going to the start up menu when the computer starts up and then tapping the F8 key and choosing the command prompt only and typing in the above and choosing an early date to resolve that issue.

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Posted by Alanna of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on June 3, 2004