How do I speed up my computer?


Computer just started running slow. Programs take a long time to come up.

I went to run, typed in cmd, then netstat and found someone logged in.

tcp office:3574 established

I then went to McAfee and locked down the firewall

That stopped him, however the computer is still running slow

I ran virus scan and nothing

I ran Adaware and have found unwanted files sometimes, but after reviewing they all looked fine.

Should I always delete these files?

Spam Killer is stopping around 42 spam every day.

We use the internet on a regular basis and feel someone has installed a exe. file or something else that is causing the slowness.

I have been to your website, but was unable to find an answer

Any ideas? Thank in advance

Dick Marshall


This question was answered on June 2, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

First you should check to see how much space you have on your harddrive, because if it is almost full, this could be the reason why your computer is running slow If this is the case Then upgrade your harddrive to a minimum of 80 GB Your operating system is Windows XP, and this takes up a lot of space I would suggest increasing RAM memory Also delete the unwanted files This should help speed up your computer You should also upgrade your firewall to prevent any more intruders You can also go to the control panel and go to add or remove programs Remove the programs you rarely use This will free up a lot of space on your harddrive, causing your system to run faster Also if you have a lot of icons on your desktop, this can also slow down your computer You should not have these programs start up with your computer This only slows it down And finally do a defrag on your computer at least once a month This utility is located in Program-Accessories-System Tools.

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Posted by Raymond of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on June 2, 2004