Everytime computer starts Windows Media Player pops up


Every time i turn on my computer Windows Media Player will pop up, and if I click the X to close the window it will close and about a minute later it will pop up again, it is just in the way, and it is slowing down all the programs that im running. I want to know how to make it go away and just stop poping up and if i have to how do i get it off of my computer completely?


This question was answered on June 20, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

The reason why Windows Media Player constantly shows up on the screen is because you probably have it placed in startup What you can do to remove it from there is click on Start->Programs->Startup, if the Media Player is on the Startup simply right click and then select delete If it is not there we can go into msconfig and uncheck the box for the player Click on Start->Run and input 'msconfig' into the textbox and press enter This will bring up a new window called System Configuration Utility, in the new window select the Startup tab and uncheck the box for the Windows Media Player If this doesn't seem to work we can just delete the player as you requested by going into your Program Files Click on Start->My Computer Double click on your local disk or C drive and then double click Program Files, after scroll down to right click on the file named Windows Media Player and select delete Reboot your computer for all the new changes to take place and all should be well Good Luck!!

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Posted by Sarwer of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on June 20, 2004