What is unsolicited inbound TCP?


I am basically computer illiterate and can't seem to find an answer from friends or family about a Norton AntiVirus security alert I have received. The alert showed up about 3 weeks ago and not sure why it won't go away. The alert is..."Default block Sokets de Trois v1.Trojan..." Rule Default Block Sokets de Trois v1.Trojan..matched (#changes each time it comes up on screen) blocked for 30 minutes.

On the menu bar the Norton globe has a red ! blinking all the time. If I shut down and restart the computer it goes away but a soon as I connect to the internet again it comes back along with the security alert. Someone suggested that I run Trend Micro free virus scan, which I did and it showed no virus on sytem but am still getting the alert from Norton.

My question is should I be doing something to clear this now that Norton has given me an alert or is Norton supposed to clear it? I am sure Norton has run a routine virus scan since this alert but it did not remove the alert. I am not sure but think the alert showed up on the day I ordered some checks over the internet using my debit card and am now afraid that every time that I go to my banking account or order something else over the internet that my info will be somehow stolen or when I send e-mails to my friends it will move to them also (although nobody has complained yet).


This question was answered on June 8, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

You don't need to worry All it means is that you got an unsolicited inbound TCP prober on your port 5000 (which is actually used by any number of Trojans at the moment, and one much favored by script kiddies) and that NIS blocked it and alerted you After you've had a few hundred (or thousands) of these, you'll probably get bored and simply turn off the alert notifications, which is what most NIS/NPF users eventually do.

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Posted by michael of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on June 8, 2004