Tried downloading the latest drivers for my RADEON 128 MB Video Card


This reply is for Dimitrios Theodorou: Hello Dimitrios, I followed your excellant instruction on going to the website to download the latest drivers for my RADEON 128 MB video card, however I ran into a problem. I recieved Two messages labeled "SEVERE" in the title bar. The first one stated "INF ERROR VIDEO DRIVER NOT FOUND"? and the second one stated "SETUP WAS UNABLE TO COMPLETE THE INSTALLATION TRY TO SET UP YOUR DISPLAY ADAPTOR WITH STANDARD VGA DRIVER BEFORE RUNNING SETUP"? I'm just not that technically savvy to figure this all out, specailly since this latop is brand new at 3300 smackers. Any information you can provide on my next step would be greatly appreciated.

Just to refresh your memory my game Command & Conquer GENERALS locks up or freezes during game play. I turned in my Original Gateway M675 widescreen 17" laptop with 64 MB video card for the 128 MB video card and paid an addtional thousand bucks totalling 3300 to upgrade and hopefully get rid of the game lock up, this is not the case.

I make sure all programs including my anti virus software are not running before I play the game as directed by EA GAMES. after about an hour or two the game will totally freeze/ lockup, very frustrating when I like playing the game on my home desktop with no problems at all. Dimitrios, I thank you for your expert advice in this matter, hopefully I can resolve this with your help. Ed Brown/ Phoenix Az.


This question was answered on June 18, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Ed Brown:

Ok I see where the problem is, you need to uninstall your current drivers before you install the new ones So your going to follow the steps I give you now, then reinstall the drivers with the other response I gave you.

To uninstall your Video Card driver go to start, settings, then control panel In the control panel double click Add/Remove Programs, once the screen pops up look for any ATI / or even non-ATI video card drivers If you see any highlight it then click remove, once its uninstalled reboot and it should install DEFAULT VGA DRIVERS once it does this install the video card drivers that you downloaded.

If there is no video card driver in the Add/Remove programs there is another way to do this Right click "My Computer" then click on properties Now click the HARDWARE tab, once in the HARDWARE tab click Device Manager Now when in the Device Manager look for Display Adapters, once you find it click the next to it (on the left) Right click each driver listed under Display Adapters and click uninstall Its going to ask you to confirm if you want to uninstall click ok to do so Once you do this with everything in that Display Adapter list, reboot, once you reboot it will install Default VGA drivers, once it is done you can install your video card drivers that you downloaded from ATI And you should be good to go, just make sure you have the right drivers.


Dimitrios Theodorou

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Posted by Dimitrios of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on June 18, 2004