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After a heavy thunderstorm my cable modem no longer works


My computer recently suffered a power surge during a heavy thunderstorm. I rebooted the machine after the storm and it started up OK, but my cable modem was no longer communicating. I called my cable company for service and left the computer off. The following morning when I went to start the computer, I pushed the button and for a split second it started to power up, but then shut down. The light on the front started to flash and it would not start after several attempts. I unplugged the machine and left it overnight, and the following morning it did the same thing, leaving the light flashing again. Frustrated, I unplugged the machine, plugged it back in and did not attempt to start it for another hour. This time it did start and booted up fine. The cable tech that came out had to replace my NIC and my cable modem. I am afraid to turn the computer off now, because it may not start again. Do I have a traveling problem from the power surge?


This question was answered on June 20, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

This problem can possibly be more serious that you think A power surge can cause extensive damage to your computer Usually the modem or motherboard is first to go during a surge and this definately proved to be true in your case If you continue to have difficulties starting your computer you will want to run a diagnostic test on your pc Take your computer to the nearest computer repair store and have them run a diagnostic test This will help you discover any problems that your computer may have Running a diagnostic test will enable you to know whether or not certain components of your computer are functioning properly Replace any parts or pieces that need to be replaced and hopefully your computer will begin running smoothly once again To prevent this problem from occuring once again you will want to purchase surge protectors to protect your equipment from power surges or you can simply unplug your computer when a thunderstorm nears Good Luck!!

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Posted by Sarwer of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on June 20, 2004