My computer crashes occassionally and restarts when I close Outlook Express


My computer crashes occassionally and restarts mostly when I close outlook express. I bought my computer 6 Months ago. After about 2 months after I bought it, this is when my problems started with the crashing and restarting problem. I've had my computer back to the shop I bought it from about 6 times to try and solve this problem. First they ran several tests and could not get it to crash. Then it happened again to me at home. I brought it back and they fixed some errors on the hard drive and tested it again. Nothing happened. I took it home and again after a few days it crashed and restarted again. I went back again to the shopagain, they then reformatted it and reinstalled windows xp. Again I brought it home and it happened again. Back to the shop again and they replaced the hard drive and tested it again and still would not crash for them. I took it home and 4 days later it did it again. brought it back and they replaced the motherboard and ram. They then tested it and it still did crash for them. I took it home and 3 days later it crashed again. The only thing not new I believe is the tower case and the processor. Please give me some solution to the problems I am having. Remember it only does this occassionally, probably once every 3 days on average and mostly when we close (X) outlook express, and very seldom other times. This is becoming very annoying. Maybe I should get them to just build me a new computer from scratch to solve the problem. Thank you for you time and your quick response would be greatly appreciated.


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This sounds like a heating issue to me There are a few things you can check in your computer to make sure it is properly cooled

Make sure you have atleast one fan in the front of your case blowing air to the back and atleast one fan in the back blowing the hot air out This will keep air circulation throughout your case cooling the case down considerably If you can put 2 in the front and 2 in the back.

If your case fans are fine, second thing to do is make sure you do not have your computer next to something hot, such as your monitor, or next to a heater

If your case is not near any source of heat, next and last thing to check would be your CPU fan and heatsink First make sure your fan is working and is blowing towards the heatsink If that is fine make sure your heatsink is tightly secure, if it is tightly secure remove the heatsink and check if there is a substance between the heatsink and CPU if there is not, that is the problem why your computer is restarting The CPU is overheating If there is no substance you can buy something called silicone which is a white substance, and in my opinion is not that great An alternative is something called Artic Silver, you can buy this at many online retailers including and/or When you do get the substance in put a think layer on the CPU core, once you have done that tighly secure your heatsink/fan back on to the CPU And the CPU should/will not overheat any more.


Dimitrios Theodorou

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Posted by Dimitrios of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on June 19, 2004