Diablo Keys was discovered on your computer?


AOL's Spyware program recently discovered a keylogger program called Diablo Keys installed on my computer. I used the AOL program to block it. I would like to determine who the party is that installed this program on my computer. Since Diablo Keys reports the keystrokes of the infected computer to either an e-ddress or to a URL, it seems to me that inspection of my computer by an expert in such matters could yield the e-ddress or URL to which the report was being sent, thus revealing the identity of the snoop. Can Data Doctors do this for me?

Terry Miller


This question was answered on November 16, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

You need to be careful what you download and from whom you do You can download programs, such as Diablo Keys, even though you think you are downloading something as simple as a .jpg or .mp3, etc It can be masked so that you think what you are downloading from the internet, wether from friend, family or other wise, is only that which you wanted It could have also been loaded directly and not by the internet by friends, family or 'loved' ones Say for instance, someone that you may be involved with Hey, maybe even a business associate.

As for 'DATA DOCTERS', well, someone might be able to help you but may I suggest you try calling the show to ask I feel that if 'DATA DOCTERS' can help you you will have a better chance and a quicker responce.


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Posted by Chris of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on November 16, 2004