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Learn how to use the On-Screen Keyboard in Windows XP!


Learn how to use the On-Screen Keyboard in Windows XP!


This question was answered on July 1, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Windows XP has an on–screen keyboard feature built into the system This feature can be useful to those with mobility impairments, tablet PC users, or for when that old keyboard goes down The ease to use this and to activate it will blow you away!

Follow the steps below to access the keyboard feature:

1 Click on the 'Start' button.

2 Choose the 'Run' feature and type 'osk' in the text field.

3 The keyboard opens on your desktop and it features three seperate typing modes that can be used to type data.

   • Clicking mode - click the on–screen keys

   • Scanning mode - press a hot key or use a switch–input device to type highlighted characters

   • Hovering mode - use a mouse or joystick to point to a key, which is then typed

Within a few moments you can also make a shortcut icon on your desktop to the on–screen keyboard

Follow the steps below:

1 Right–click the desktop

2 Point to New, and then click Shortcut

3 Type osk, click Next

4 Type a name for the shortcut, and then click Finish

All Done! Now the shortcut to the on–screen keyboard utility is right on your desktop for quick access.

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Posted by Michal of Data Doctors on July 1, 2004