How to upgrade to Win98 SE from Win98 if downloading is not an option



We purchased an "in house" brand computer from Frys electronics. It had the Linux os and

we changed it to Windows 98. We bought it to use for e-bay and wanted to network it

with our other desktop. I can't get Windows 98 2nd edition to download (56K).

I tried to buy one from e-bay and it turns out to be the whole program and I can't use it

becuase it already has windows 98. Can you sugges a way I can get Windows 98, 2nd edition on my second computer so that I can network my 2 computers to cable?

Thank you!



This question was answered on July 21, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

When you changed the OS from the Linux OS to the Windows 98 OS you should have formatted your hard drive to the FAT32 file system The Linux OS uses the unified file sytem, which is very much different from FAT32, which could be causing your problem If you are sure that this has been done skip these steps and go to "Getting Win98 Service Pack".

What you need to do is a clean installation of the Win98 or Win98 SE OS on the second computer To do so follow these steps.

Go into the BIOS of the second computer and change the boot up order like so:

1) Floppy Disk Drive


3) Hard Drive

Save all changes made to the BIOS and insert your Win98 OS CD in the CD-ROM drive Restart your computer (If at all possible, it is better to have a fresh installation of Win98 SE as opposed to installing Win 98 and then upgrading to SE Upgrading tends to leave files on your system, where a clean install will only install the necessary files)

Follow the prompts that display as the sytem takes you through the setup process.

When it asks you to select the hard drive or partition that you wish to install Win98 on, make sure that you also choose to format that hard drive or partition to a FAT32 file system When networking 2 computers running Win98 or Win98 SE, it is necessary for both computers to have the same File Allocation Table (FAT), in this case it is FAT32.

Getting Win98 Service Pack

If downloading the service pack from Microsoft's Website doesnt seem to work for you then you can order it by calling 800-360-7561 (U.S only) They will send it to you on disk and then you will be able to network your computers together.

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Posted by sean of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on July 21, 2004