My office PC has very limited rights


i am using my office pc. there is a site ( provides CHAT facility, but our administrators have restrict there some policies.

when i try to chat, it ask me to install :


and installation is restricted in each system, connected to the server.

but i've install that EXE on another system,

i want to ask:

if i move (just) java folder in my computer from that computer

*can i run this exe without install in my own PC.

*if i cant run this exe without installation, so what should i do?

please you give me a solution, so that i can chat there. (without installing the javaws-1_2-windows-i586-i.exe in my PC)

naeem ahmed

karachi, pakisatn.


This question was answered on August 6, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

If the admin has restrict policies in your office workstation is for a very good reason That means that they don't want people running programs in your company network which undermines and makes your company network vulnerable, another thing is if they find out that you are trying to undermind their security policies restrictions you may get in trouble with the company or even worse get fired Your company owns your PC so they have the right to restrict whatever you do on company property and time.

But also to answer your question if you try to copy java from another machine it will not work the program need to be install on the local machine or your account so that it can incorporated into registry and operating system correctly (or browser)

But there is also another solution ask the I.T department if they could install the java application for you they might do it for you, tell them that you need it to view certain web sites for a special project you are working on.

I hope that answers your question

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Posted by robert of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on August 6, 2004