What is outlook express and norton


I keep getting these error numbers--0x800c00e; 0x800ccc19 or ox800c0005.

Please help me try to get rid of them. They cannot help at my ISP. & I have tried looking through the help programs on the net. Thank you.;


This question was answered on August 7, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

I checked it out on Microsoft tech and they gave me information about the one of them and the other three seem to have the same root of the problem Try what they suggest.

How to deal with error number 0x800CCC19

There is a problem in Outlook Express 6 with certain file attachments (or technically called MIME types) when they appear in your POP3 mailbox Your connection to the mailserver will then time out The solution is to download the Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 from Microsoft which should fix the problem Please see this link to Microsoft OE6/SP1.

Using OE6 with Norton Antivirus or McAfee products

If you have already installed the SP1 for OE6, this problem may still occur when the following conditions are met First, you have Norton Antivirus 2003 or 2002 installed Second, you have "Scan incoming Email" and "Scan outgoing Email" turned on Note that this may also be true when you use McAfee software products To prevent this problem when you use NAV and Outlook or Outlook Express, follow the steps below to turn off e-mail scanning.

1 Quit Outlook or Outlook Express.

2 Start Norton AntiVirus

3 Click Options If a menu appears when you click Options, click Norton AntiVirus The Norton AntiVirus Options dialog box appears.

4 In the Internet section, click Email.

5 Click to clear the "Scan incoming Email" and "Scan outgoing Email" check box.

6 Click OK and close NAV

For additional information, you can also visit http://service1.symantec.com/SUPPORT/nav.nsf/8d071816eedd7cac88256c0e005a96e5/4d8a598190b8096e88256ab800199776?OpenDocument

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Posted by robert of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on August 7, 2004