How do I add Hard Drives and DVD drives


how do i add another hard drive?

how do i add a dvd-rom drive?


This question was answered on August 16, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Both hard drive and DVD-Rom are almost the same procedure the only thing that would be different is that on the hard-drive you will install a operating system

here is alink that can help you just copy and paste it to your browser.


You set your new hard drive to slave by setting some jumpers at the back of the drive  a pair of tweezers comes in handy here To find out what setting to use, check the back of your drive or the hard drive manual itself If you cant find anything, make a note of the hard drives manufacturer and the model number, then go to dmj.htm where youll find all the links you need


Plugging in the power cables is straightforward  just find a spare cable thats the same as that used by your other hard drive Its shaped so that it can only fit one way Modern interface cables are designed the same way with a notch at the top, but if your cable doesnt have this or you dont know which way to plug in the interface cable, make sure the red stripe running down the cable is positioned closest to the power supply


When you reboot your PC, your new drive should be automatically detected before Windows loads If not, press the key shown to enter the set-up program (often [Del], [F1] or [F2]) Look for your hard drive settings  usually under Main Settings, and make sure the Primary Slave setting is set to Auto Save your changes, exit and restart your PC It should now be detected and you can set it up in Windows (see above)

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Posted by robert of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on August 16, 2004