What is add remove programs?


Whenever I shut off my computer and leave it off for a while (2hours or more), when I startup I get a garbled screen, sometimes with vertical lines and othe times i get even crazier things like different blocks of color all over the place. The letters or messages on the screen are sometimes dicernable, and sometimes not. I can get to the initial "WINDOWS XP" logo but then it goess blank. What I have to get it properly started is I have to go to the troubleshooting screen (F8) at startup and press the "restore last good configuration", wait a little while for it to do its thing, then restart noramlly. Usually this works and I have no problems afterwards, but this may be of iinterest. I downloaded a screensaver that was kinda graphic heavy (100 HAPPY MONEY, if you must know) As soon as i started it, vertical lines started appearing on me screen and soon after my screen went blank, then came on for a rfew seconds, then went blank again, etc... You should also know that when I download a new XP update that requires a restart I have no problems rebooting. Its ONLY when my computer has been off for some leantgh of time.

I used to be able to get to windows when the screen was all garbled and whenever I checked the -display adapter- in -device manager- i would get a "device cannot start: code 10". I ended up updating the driver (NVIDIA GeForce2 MX 100/200) which solved but now i have the above mentioned problem.

I dont think that it is related to anything i downlaoded. The only things I've gotten are XP updates, Acrobat, Real Player, and a screen saver. I have run Norton Anti-Virus religiously and have found no viruses. I have had these problems for a while now. I've even reformatted my disk a couple times to try to solve the problem!!!!!!!! (it solves the problems for about 5 restarts.)

So this is my last hope. Ive looked just about everywhere on every forum to try to get some help. Ive tried all theirs suggestions. I'm soo fed up with my problem that im ready to buy a new computer. It is quite frustrating spending 10 minutes starting up my computer EVERY FREIKIN TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have any advice, whatsoever, ill try it..... even if it envolves me dressing in a hula skirt, casting voodoo magic, and singing Gregorian chants.


This question was answered on October 23, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

You may need to do some intensive trouble shooting

1 I'd suggest removing any non native windows programs from the add remove console in control panel.

2 working your way through each program until you isolate the program that is at the root of the problem.

hope this helps, good luck

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Posted by christopher of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on October 23, 2004