Is your browser is being hijacked


I am concerned about getting onto the internet. When I type in a webpage within my internet explorer address bar, I usually get the webpage that I am seeking addressed on the bottom bar too but lately I have noticed that all the webpages that I attempt to get to always go through a web page called: before I get to my actual web page that I was intended to go to first. I don't see this particular web page visually on my internet explorer window but I find it strange that no matter what web page I intend to go to, I always see a url listing for this "" then following the same line, a redirected url to the actual page that I typed in at the top of my address bar. Strange?

Is my internet explorer registry compromised or has my internet / computer been hijacked? What should I do.

Also, my second question, pertaining to the same/similar internet problem, is that sometimes when i when I type in a keyword in search engines or certain keywords when I am typing into the web page address bar, I get directed to a pop up type advertisement before I get to my actual page that I was trying to get to. I will usually see a full screen pop up ad on my internet page and in the center of the page, a progress loading bar which usually lasts for a few seconds before my actual page comes up. In the progress loading bar, a statement reads: please wait while your web page loads". I am very concerned about this since I do not know if any strange or unauthorized malicious downloading is in progress into my computer.

HELP! What should I do?


This question was answered on September 22, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

There are many way to protect your self in the internet but the best is not to visit strange web site

you can download spybot or Adware Se for free and run them in safe mode is the only way to clear this thing out of your system.. also having a good antivirus program helps with active scrips.. try getting all the security pacthes one your browser.. and check your services onece a week to see what running in your system..

hope this helps...

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Posted by robert of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on September 22, 2004