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Reboot your computer with style!


Hate it when your computer tells you it needs to reboot?


This question was answered on September 30, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Windows – especially older versions – often times needs to be rebooted to apply new settings adjusted by the user, or to finalize the installation of new software, etc Rebooting is no fun and takes time Performing a “warm boot” allows you to just cycle the Windows operating system instead of the whole computer; this can save time and make you look really cool in the process <strong>Follow the steps below:</strong>

1 If Windows or another program tells you it needs to restart the computer, tell it <strong>No</strong> or <strong>Cancel</strong>.

2 Click the <strong>Start</strong> menu, and choose <strong>Shutdown</strong>

3 Select the <strong>Restart</strong> option

4 Now, the key here is to hold down the <strong>Shift</strong> key while you click <strong>Ok</strong>

That’s it! Your computer will be happy, you’ll be happy; everything will be right in the world There are instances though, when you’d want to do a full restart A warm boot does not flush your computer’s memory, which can get cluttered after being on for long periods of time For the most part a warm boot will be sufficient, and make you look like a pro.

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Posted by Chad of Data Doctors on September 30, 2004