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I'm one of the "dummies", so be prepared!!! I use Yahoo for fun and cannot access their 'games' site...I select the Games icon on taskbar (or go thru the Start menu - doesn't matter how I try to access) and the initial screen appears, it lists a variety of regular games (not special, intricate, high demand games) just your everyday game of, say, Pool...I click on it and sometimes see a screen with ads and directions to 'click here to proceed' - then I am 'kicked out, back to my desktop-completely out of Yahoo-sometimes I never get that second page with the ads, just get kicked out...this happens to me in one other site I visit-the initial page appears, select a part to see, click, get one page in, click on another part to see - bam, back out to my desktop....I wrote to Yahoo and got a form letter reply...cookies are enabled, I have cleaned out temporary files, defragmented...any suggestions as to why this occurs and how to adjust? Remember though, dummies need step by step type directions !!! Thanks for any suggestions and your time, Carolyn W.


This question was answered on October 30, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

What are the known incompatibilities?

Yahoo! Games works best with Netscape Navigator 4 or Internet Explorer 4 or newer You may experience difficulties with older browsers If you are using Internet Explorer 3.xx or lower or Netscape 3.xx or lower, please upgrade your browser to a newer version.

Windows 3.1, Dreamcast, and WebTV

Windows 3.1, Dreamcast, and WebTV (or other Web appliances) do not support the Java necessary to run Yahoo! Games.

Using AOL?

If you're using AOL, CompuServe, or Prodigy, Yahoo! Games should work just fine if you upgrade to the most current version of your online service and upgrade your external browser to Netscape 4.XX or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.XX After connecting to your online service, minimize the window and then launch your external browser (Netscape or Internet Explorer).

Using Macintosh?

For more information on getting Yahoo! Games to work with your Macintosh, please read What about my Macintosh?.

Behind a firewall?

If you are behind a firewall or using a proxy server, you may be unable to play Yahoo! Games Firewalls need to open port 11999 You will need TCP inbound and outbound access for this port The games hosts are currently yog1.games.scd.yahoo.com, yog2.games.scd.yahoo.com, .. up to yog70.games.scd.yahoo.com You will need to do a nslookup on these hosts to find out the IP addresses.

If your computer is compatible but you are still unable to get into Yahoo! Games, please visit our help page on enabling Java in your browser.

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Posted by christopher of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on October 30, 2004