What can I do to stop getting these cookies


I use the Internet Tools to clean up trmporary Internet files (cookies) When this is completed I can go to START...FIND...FILES or FOLDERS...and enter cookies...They will be gone, HOWEVER, if I enter cookie, without the "s" and search, There will be hundredes of them all listed as, return_zag_cookie Temporary Internet files\content.IE5 (and an 9 digit alpha-numeric code) examples are MPYRE9SR and OP638X2N.

What can I do to stop getting these cookies. I have had up to 800+ of them at one time befor I had time to delete them.

Any assistance will be appreciated



This question was answered on November 13, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

You can download a window washer This will clean your computer from many things including cookies.

Comprehensive Internet history and system cleaner.




·mail trash

·drop-down address bar

·auto-complete forms

·downloaded program files

·and more

PC Cleaner

·recycle bin

·registry streams

·Windows run and find history

·scan disk files

·recently viewed pictures

·locked index.dat files

·recently opened documents list

·Windows temp files folder

·and more

You can download a free trial at www.webroot.com/products/windowwasher

Why do you need Window Washer?

Online activities can be traced through browser cache, cookies and history

System and application software also store information that could compromise privacy

Cleaning these files recovers hard disk space and speeds up system performance

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Posted by Jerry of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on November 13, 2004