Can there be other problems other than my harddrive?


Can there be other problems than my hard drive in my computer when it says it cannot format my hard drive due to damages while reinstalling windows?

i was in the process of reinstalling windows where the hardrive was being formatted. After it was done, it said that the hard drive cannot be formatted due to damages. So I called the company and got a new hard drive. With the new hard drive in place, i tried again. But it still says that the hard drive cannot be formatted due to damages.


This question was answered on November 15, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Convert your system into a barebone system Take out all hardware including sound card, video card (only if you can still plug in your monitor), and every and any other cards you may have within you case Only have your (1) CD ROM drive, A drive, mouse and keyboard connected and trying reinstalling the OS.

When the installation is complete, follow the instructions provided by the installation CD When completed, do a cold boot or complete shut down Wait 10 seconds then restart your computer Do not reinstall your other components until you do this.

If you have a problem after reinstalling all of your components, remove them again and reinstall them one by one Be sure to completely shut down and unplug your power, wait 20 seconds after you unplug your computer and then add and/or remove components

Try to be sure and touch something metalic, such as your desk or even window trim, something close to your work area, before you touch anything inside of your computer so you can discharge any static charge or build-up you may have.


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Posted by Chris of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on November 15, 2004