How do I install new device drivers for a new hardware


As we all know, when u swap new hardware into a old file system that windows dont like it and go haywire trying to install new device drivers for the new hardware that u've put in.

Now... I was wondering if anyone knows of a way of bypassing that... replaceing the drivers... or better yet make windows run no drivers then 'll reinstall it myself.

P.S I dont want to format and get a fresh copy on cuz I need to keep everything on there

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You


This question was answered on November 29, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Best bet - backup all important stuff to CD-R using a CDRW drive or just use an External HDD, or load up onto a Network..even some free email accounts now allow huge storage amounts (in the 100s of MB range).

You're Asking for trouble if you don't do this FIRST!

Then create a new Hardware Profile for the New Hardware, and delete the Old after Backing up, create a New HW Profile - Right click My Computer >> Properties >> Hardware Profiles tab....choose Copy >> in the Box that appears, in the TO field name it "New HW" or similar.(anything different than what's already there).

Now to test , before installing any new hw (No CDs or Floppies in ANY drives) -

Reboot to test and you'll be presented with a HW Profile Menu at startup asking which of the 3 to use The 3rd choice - "NONE of the Above" is what you'll choose After making the Hardware the meantime choose 1 Original Config (2 should be "New HW" profile you created)....

Once you install/replace the New Hardware, then choose 3 on first bootup after done and have the 98 CDROM handy, or Copy the \WIN98 folder from 98 CD over to the HDD Beforehand...Make sure AV protection (write protect) in BIOS is OFF.

Also right BEFORE the final shutdown to make the change - go Start > Run MSCONFIG, and Untick ALL the items in the "Startup tab" except the ScanReg entry Also just before the last shutdown , If you are changing the Mobo/CPU/MEM and alot of PCI cards too, go to C:\ and rename the Config.sys (to config.old), Autoexec.bat files (to autoexec.old) and also SYSTEM.1st file to system.old

Print this out (to avoid confusion) as it's all not written in the correct exact order unfortunately...

Once you change out the mobo, etc, put in the power jack to wall MAKE SURE only the KEYBOARD, MOUSE and MONITOR are hooked up (this is because the win98 setup files will hang if it can't find the appropriate device drivers for your newer hardware -which it most likely will NOT contain) and THEN power on and choose "NONE of the Above" from the HW Profile Menu at boot up.....

Once you are up and running You will end up;

- Installing any/ all new device drivers and configuring them

- Re-ticking the items in the MSCONFIG Startup by one and rebooting (except if you post them all here first , we can help eliminate a lot of usuals, so many can be reticked at once).

- eventually deleting the .OLD files we made (the renamed config auto and system).

- deleting the old HW profiles

One last thing is to perhaps Update the BIOS if it's old and updates are available BEFORE doing HW upgrade....again alot of this is in the order I can recall as writing it - so Read it all , understand it and post bak with questions and more System info first, before attempting the upgrades ...list the items you are replacing and what you have now.

You have a Full Retail or OEM version of 98?....correct?

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Posted by Michael of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on November 29, 2004