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How to back up data using a re-write disk?

Posted By : Kareem of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on December 2, 2004

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How do I backup data using a re-writedisc? I can't find it on your web site.

This question was answered on December 2, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

First, you can back up to your computer's hard drive and still be protected, especially with stacking enabled If your computer is part of the network, you can back up to a networked drive on another computer But what if you want external backups and don't have a working packet writing driver installed, nor you have a CD/DVD drive with integral EasyWrite support? There are three possible workarounds.

Simply cease to use CD/DVD as a direct target for your backup operations Set up Argentum Backup to run your daily and hourly tasks and let it create backups to your hard drive automatically Every week or month, copy backup copies created with Argentum Backup to your CD/DVD device manually, with your favorite CD/DVD recording software or Windows XP built-in CD/DVD recording feature

If it's really necessary to run automatic CD/DVD backups, consider buying a good packet writing tool For example, Ahead company sells its Nero Burning ROM suite for only $ 50 This package includes many useful components, including the InCD packet writing software We have tested Nero InCD thoroughly, and are happy to recommend it!

Apart from the conservative CD and DVD writing devices, there are a lot of alternative backup storage devices now available, which are often better, faster, more reliable and more affordable! If you need automatic external backups, consider good alternatives to CD/DVD devices There are a lot of cheap USB flash memory sticks available on the market today They are fast, easy, portable, compact and readily can handle up to 1 GB of data on chip For larger quantities of data, consider external USB hard drives as they have much greater capacity than a single CD or DVD After all, CD and DVD are great for maintaining a collection of discs, but not for regular backups For regular backups of critical, important data, USB flash memory sticks (or keys) from above work the best

Is it possible to store folders and path information in Zip files?

Argentum Backup fully supports and effectively recreates directory structure outline any levels deep in Zip files Some Zip viewers, including WinZip, do not display folders inside Zip files WinRAR and Windows XP do support folders in Zip files and show them just fine.

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Posted by Kareem of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on December 2, 2004

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