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I can connect to the net by 56k modem but NOT by broadband. Why?

Posted By : Christopher of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on December 2, 2004

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Here's the deal. I use a laptop for work and only connect to the internet to transfer data (I don't use it to surf). OUt of the blue, the computer will not connect by way of broadband, but will by telephone. The same wire I use to connect my home computer connects fine, so I know it is not the ISP.

I did a search of this problem on google and see that sometimes the IP address needs to be renewed. When I go to start->run->ipconfig it takes me to a DOS screen. However, when I type ipconfig /renew (or release) I am told ipconfig /renew (or release) are an unrecognizable command. I think this is the problem.

I desperately need to access the net by the morning so any help is greatly appreciated. I do not have phone line access tonight, so broadband connection is my only option.

The laptop has been no problem to this point. I use it all the time to connect to the internet by broadband.

I can also tell you I've seen some "SASSER" bug on it occassionally but have always been unable to delete it.

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If I understand your explanation, you are connecting the laptop where the desktop was If so you need to power off the broadband modem, before switching PC's - the Laptop needs to be powered on after the modem is up The pcmcia card could have failed and/or make sure the dialup connection is disabled when using broadband.

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Posted by Christopher of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on December 2, 2004

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