Compressing hard drives?


I have just installed a third hard drive of 40Gig, and transferred some files from my main hard drive over to the new one. The problem is that the 40 Gig drive is now full (only 700mb left) and I still have more files to put on it.

Is there a way to compress the files and still be able to access them, in order to create more space on the drive?

Also, The first two drives are running on ribbons and the third is on SATA, is it possible to now have a fourth hard drive (as there is a second SATA slot on the motherboard)?

AMD 2000xp Chip

ABIT NF7s Motherboard

240gb Hard Drive (120x2)

40gb SATA Hard Drive


ATI Radeon 9800 pro atlantis

Windows XP Pro SP2

Creative Inspire 5.1 Speaker System


This question was answered on December 2, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

With the price of hd so cheap, compressing files is not worth it I just came back from Sam's club and there was a 160 gig WD 8 meg drive for $69.00.

If your mb supports it, then yes you can install a fourth drive Something to think about however it that all of those drives consume power If your power supply was marginal before, it may not be able to supply four drives, however many cd drives, etc.

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Posted by Christopher of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on December 2, 2004