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No video signal... mobo problem?

Posted By : Christopher of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on December 7, 2004

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i've put together a system for a friend of mine and after about a month he said that sometimes he would not be able to start the computer because there was nothing on the monitor.

Basically, sometimes when we turn it on, it works just fine. But sometimes the pc turns on (fans and hd spinning, dvdrom blinking), but monitor stays black. There are also no good ol' beeps comming out of the pc speaker.

When it is working, it does not turn off by itself. Only when computer is turned off and then turned back on, sometimes there is no video signal. Sometimes reseting brings it back to its senses. Sometimes we need to wait for couple of days.

I have swapped video cards, monitors, and power supplies. I have reset CMOS with a jumper. Nothing helped. Next thing I was going to try is flashing BIOS, but still waiting for video signal to come back...

I've looked through some other posts with similar problems and it looks like the mobo is bad. It's a Biostar M7NCD. Never had a problem with Biostar before... I guess there is always a first.

You guys think it's the mobo? Or could it be something else?


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I wouldn't flash the BIOS, unless you go to the Biostar site and find a BIOS update that says it fixes the problem you are having.

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Posted by Christopher of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on December 7, 2004

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