What is the meaning of life?


what is the meaning of life


This question was answered on December 13, 2004. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Quote by Farzad Roohi

"Life is Function

Imagine a cup of coffee! As you know, a cup of coffee has some useful functions; it retains the liquid coffee in a cylindrical shape if the cup has a cylindrical structure; it keeps it warm for a while; and it allows you to drink coffee out of it Having said this, what is the meaning of a cup of coffee, anyway?

Think about a highly advanced computer which has many functions; a computer, which can compute many tough algorithms and results in many astonishing functional outcomes Pentium 4 would do the job Try to figure out why this computer allows you to run different software programs in order to make life easier for you As you know, in spite of all its amazing functions, a computer can break down and even become obsolete to the point that it should be disposed forever and for good This is what I call the death of a computer Knowing all the facts about computers, what is the meaning of a computer, anyway?

Think about a highly intelligent robot! Think about the wonderful and useful functions which this robot can perform! And imagine that this robot can interact with you as well; it can ask you questions or answer your questions Imagine that this robot can laugh at or with you To get a taste of what I mean by artificial intelligence interaction with humans, just go to Google and download Bonzi Buddy Do not forget that eventually, this imaginary robot of yours can be worn out after years of functioning and becomes dysfunctional This is what I call the death of a robot What is the meaning of a robot, anyway?

Think about a human body that is healthy and very functional, perhaps your own body Imagine how many different tasks your human body and brain can manage to do Think of art, science, engineering, religion, and whatever you have in mind A human body can laugh, cry, sleep, walk, run, make things, destroy things, reproduce, malfunction, and eventually stop functioning This is what I call death of human body What is the meaning of human body, anyway?

Think about life, life of a cow! There are many functions in the life of a cow A cow can give birth to other cows A cow can eat and excrete like you and I do A cow’s life eventually comes to an end; this is what I call the end of the cow life or death of a cow What is the meaning of cow life, anyway?

Last but not least, think of human life! Human life has many functions Human life can reproduce a new life Human life cherishes life Human life can put an end to life A human life eventually comes to an end; this is what I call the end of human life, or the almighty death What is the meaning of human life, anyway?

To me, life is like a cup of coffee with the exception that life has more complex functions We don’t get disappointed at a cup of coffee when we realize that there is no meaning to a cup of coffee We don’t smash the cup by knowing that the cup has no meaning We still grab the cup and enjoy drinking coffee out of it The meaning of human life is the same as the meaning of a cup of coffee, a computer, a robot, a cow, or any other living organism There shouldn’t necessarily be a meaning for life Life could be full of functions but without meaning However, we can still enjoy life Actually, it makes life more precious when we realize that this is the only life that we have, the only existential experience of the universe Therefore, let’s enjoy life by maximizing the functional outcomes of life.

Let’s increase the functional outcomes of human life by creating more love, peace, and happiness Let’s feel responsible for the survival of human beings as an honorable intelligent species After all, life can give life to a life."

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Posted by Henry of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on December 13, 2004