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I have inherited an HP Celeron computer with Windows XP Home Edition already loaded. I did not, however, inherit the XP disk and the system seems to be riddled with trash, viruses and shinola. Lately, it won't even hold Zone Alarm without crashing.

I would like to wipe it clean and start from scratch. Microsoft does not seem to offer an XP upgrade to an existing XP OS. Do I have to drop a couple of big ones on a new OS ?

Doctor, Doctor give me the news.

I've got a bad case of XP blues.



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Well you dont have to buy a whole new operating system but what I do suggest is to contact HP and get the Quick restore disks for your make and model of HP computer

To contact HP

This document pertains to recovery discs for HP and Compaq desktop PCs

This document provides information about obtaining recovery discs

NOTE: HP can not have recovery discs created that contain software considered obsolete by Microsoft, such as Windows 3.1, 95, and 98

NOTE: HP Pavilions that ship with Windows XP do not always come with recovery CDs Instead, they use a hidden space (partition) on the hard drive to store the recovery information Using a hidden partition provides a convenient, more stable recovery process

1: Create a set of recovery discs or a recovery DVD

Some HP and Compaq computers have recovery CD creator software that can create a recovery disc set or DVD To see if your computer has Recovery Creator software, click Start, All Programs, Hewlett-Packard or Compaq, and then HP Pavilion PC Tools or Compaq Presario PC Tools Open the software and follow the on-screen directions to create the recovery discs For more information, read the HP support document Creating Recovery CDs Using HP's Recovery CD Creator Software (in English)

2: Order recovery CDs on the Web

To order CDs on the Web, perform the following steps Costs are minimal and only cover the cost of manufacturing and shipping.

NOTE: The steps in this section may not apply to your Country or Region If not, contact your local HP support center for information about obtaining recovery CDs

NOTE: A credit card number is required for ordering recovery discs

Go to the HP Partsurfer Web site (in English) The Parts Direct Ordering Web site uses a secure connection to protect your privacy

Select your country from the drop-down menu in the top-right corner of the page

Enter the model name (for example, 533w, 5002US, or XE735) The model name is located on a sticker that is stuck to the case of the PC

Click the appropriate model name from the list that appears If more than one model name appears, refer to the product number or part number on the identification sticker on the back of the PC

NOTE: The recovery CD set or DVD is matched to specific PC models It is important to select the correct model name or an error can occur when using them

Select Recovery Kit from the by keyword dropdown

A new page appears containing a list of all orderable software This document only covers recovery kits If the word recovery is not in the description or you can not select any quantity, then a recovery kit is not available for the computer This can happen when the operating system on the recovery discs is obsolete and HP's supply of discs has run out

Write down the part number of the recovery kit for future reference

Type the quantity of recovery kits you wish to order (1) into the QTY field of the recovery kit part number If you can not select any quantity, then a recovery kit is not available for the computer

Click Order Selected Parts and then read and fill out all of the screens that appear

A red check mark may appear, the part can still be ordered if it is available

3: Contact Support

You should try to use the methods above to create or order recovery CDs or DVDs If you have tried the steps above and failed, contact HP Customer Care HP Customer Care may be able to send out new discs or replace defective versions depending on your situation

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Posted by Ronald of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on May 5, 2005