It usually takes two tries to turn on my computer.


It usually takes me two tries to turn on my computer.

I turn on my computer and the I hear some fans start, but the monitor doesn't turn show an image. They keyboard lights do not turn on.

I then turn off the computer.

I then turn it on again, and all devices (keyboard, monitor) start to respond.

Once in a while, the second try does not work. I have to disconnect the computer from the outlet and try again.

Do you believe this is a problem with the power supply?

Any other ideas or suggestions to try?

Any help on this problem is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


This question was answered on January 4, 2005. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

First try unplugging everything, including the monitor and printer from the wall and let it set for at least 15 minutes Then try plugging it all in and turning it on while watching the fan in the power supply.

If the fan does not kick or start to spin, when you try to turn it on, then there is a good chance the power supply is blown.

Next unplug everything again, and also unplug the monitor from the system and let it set for awhile Then plug in just the system unit, nothing else (don't plug the monitor into the system unit) and see if the system unit by itself will power up If nothing happens, then it is a good chance just the power supply is bad.

If the unit will power up (fan runs) without the monitor plugged in, but will not when the monitor is plugged into the system, then there is a good chance the system board is blown, if the monitor plugs directly into the system board and not a video adapter in a PCI/AGP socket.

Lighting caused power surges can damage the power supply But on some system (HP mostly) the surge can damage the system board also, at the point where the monitor plugs in.

You avoid this type of problem by buying a small UPS unit and plug everything into it.

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Posted by cristina of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on January 4, 2005