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Keep getting pop up from web site called


i been geeting some pop up from some wab site called and i want to get rid of how i do that. thanks


This question was answered on January 4, 2005. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

To get rid of pop-up ads, there is a free download of a tool called It is fantastic! here's the link:

Pop up blockers that effectively block pop up ads Pop-Up Stopper Basic provides Award-Winning ad-blocking support with the ultimate in pop under and pop up blocking technology in an easy to use Internet Explorer toolbar that is only active when your browser is open.

Panicware Intelligent pop up control blocks only pop up ad windows and allows users to allow pop up windows from specific web sites! Preserve bandwidth by stopping pop up windows before they load!

Play one of many fun sounds when a pop-up window is blocked and optionally collect and view statistics regarding the number of pop up windows blocked Other fun features include a handy button to locate the last folder where you downloaded a file from the Internet - no more searching for downloaded files! 30 day free trial The product owner offers free tech support and an unconditional money back guarantee!

Get free updates when you register! Bonus: Get free resources to remove other trial pop up blockers that serve you pop up windows asking you to buy their software! Just email the product owner for their resource list!

Get Pop-Up Stopper

The Everlasting Pop Stopper is one of the easiest and most effective pop up blockers on the market

It starts up when you turn on your computer and sits down in your icon tray by the clock and quietly works If you want to allow a pop up window, you simply hold down the shift key when you click The tray icon changes when a window is trying to pop up to alert you, so you'll know if there is a possible pop up window, because sometimes you want a pop up, but most of the time you don't You choose You can allow or disallow pop ups and flash programs

Works With Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL and All Other Browsers Works with all Versions of Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME, and XP.

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Pop Up Washer works seamlessly with Internet Explorer to block unwanted pop-ups and pop-unders without visible screen "blink" distractions It is both thorough and flexible with a complete set of tools and functionality including:

Smart pop-up Management gives you complete control over the pop-up windows you do and do not see, featuring advanced technology that stops annoying ads that other pop-up stoppers can't

Transparent Removal blocks pop-ups at the Internet Explorer engine before they appear, preventing screen flickers or blinking

Disable Messenger Service blocks Windows Messenger Service spam windows that appear as gray boxes on the desktop without affecting Instant Messaging

One-click Activation turns pop-up blocking on or off by clicking the Pop Up Washer icon on the task bar

Log files of all pop ups blocked

Get Pop Up Washer

Many internet users tolerate pop up windows believing they're caused by the websites they visit, unaware that the real cause is an adware or spyware infection on their PC If you have adware or spyware on your PC then installing a pop up blocker may be nothing more than a "band-aid" fix Doesn't it make more sense to block those pop ups at their source by removing the spyware and adware?

Noadware is NOT a pop up blocker, but will remove the spyware and adware which is often the root cause of those annoying pop ups Apart from the annoyance of popup ads, adware and spyware can also degrade your computer's performance as well as capture your personal information including your age, sex, location, surfing habits and buying preferences Hotbar, Mirar and Gator are examples of adware that monitor your internet surfing habits

Download your free trial scanner and find out if adware or spyware is the real cause of those annoying pop-ups on your PC.

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Posted by cristina of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on January 4, 2005