Need to flush your computer?


i would like to no how to flush my untire computer due to the web sites are not responding and i tried the windows system restore several times but it still wont go away can someone please send me instructions on how to flush my whole computer


This question was answered on January 3, 2005. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Go to this website and it will take you through step by step.

and here are some helpful tips for your computer:

Top Five Tech Tips

1: Never install your virus scanner or spybot detection software in the default directory Example of this is c:\program files\trendmicro\ During the install choose custom installation Make the install location something like c:\CHOOSEANAME that way the viruses and mal wares that are hard coded to disable your virus scanner will not be able to find the root address of your virus scanner.This means you will more than likely be able to clean or delete the virus rather than having a crashed computer

2: If you are infected now there is help Trend Micro has a free online virus scanner the is a just great. http://www.housecall. Click here to go to site.

3: Disable the system restore in windows XP I am crazy you say This just not so , the system restore folders are hidden from your virus scanner programs so it does not clean viruses that are backed up their to re infect you latter

4: If you install something and need to disable it or uninstall Your computer will not boot normally , with system restore off Simply strike the F8 to boot up in safe mode to correct the problem this is a work around for not using the system restore I have used this procedure for over five years.

5: Poor system performance Try increasing your page file size to the max in Windows XP ( 4095 ) This made a major performance increase for me We use Dreamweaver and other large programs These programs use lots of system recourses This make the program load more in the virtual memory page i.e the page file than your system RAM or memory..

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Posted by cristina of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on January 3, 2005