Can't get rid of adware


My computer is rebooting on me frequently and after it has rebooted I have short cuts for adware/spyware removal websites on my desktop. I have tried deleting an adware program from my add/remove programs but when I click on delete it sends me to the adware website and I cant get rid of it, please help.


This question was answered on February 9, 2005. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.


Microsoft has released a beta version of Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware This beta release is built from technology that was acquired from Giant Company Software You can use Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) to help detect and remove unwanted software, to help prevent its installation, and to help you see what software is running on any computer that is running Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) Together with security technologies in Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 that help improve the security of browsing, Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) will help protect customers on the Internet.


Spyware defined

Spyware is malicious software that threatens the security and privacy of computer users Our customers tell us that they look to Microsoft for powerful solutions to address this serious and growing problem.

Through deceit and trickery, spyware and other potentially unwanted software are installed on a computer without a persons knowledge or consent This type of software ranges from unwanted pop-up ads to programs that can record keystrokes or take over a computer Spyware and other potentially unwanted software can slow computer performance, can change a computers configuration, and can reveal passwords and personal information.

The problem is widespread Spyware and other potentially unwanted software are found on 67 to 80 percent of consumers computers, according to 2004 research by IDC and National Cyber Security Alliance Spyware and other potentially unwanted software cause more than one-third of the program crashes that are reported to Microsoft.

For more information about Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) and about the spyware issue, visit the following Microsoft Web site: Requirements for running Windows AntiSpyware (Beta)

Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) currently is available only in English You should not install Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) on computers that are running operating systems in other languages.

The minimum system requirements for Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) are the following:" Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or a later version

" A processor that runs at 300 megahertz (MHz) or faster

" At least 64 megabytes (MB) of RAM

" Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows XP, or Microsoft Windows 2000

" At least 10 MB of available free space on your hard disk

" Internet access with a connection speed of at least 28.8 kilobits per second (Kbps)

Additionally, we recommend that you install the latest service packs and critical updates on your computer before you install Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) To obtain the latest service packs and critical updates for your computer, visit the following Microsoft Web site: How to obtain Windows AntiSpyware (Beta)

The public beta release of Windows AntiSpyware is available for download at the following Microsoft Web site: Important note to current users of Giant AntiSpyware If you are a current Giant AntiSpyware user and if you have an active subscription, your paid subscription includes functionality and support features that are not included in the Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) software Therefore, we strongly advise you to keep your existing product and to not install the Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) software For more information, visit the following Microsoft Web site: If your subscription to Giant AntiSpyware has expired and if you want to download the Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) software, you must first remove any earlier versions of Giant AntiSpyware To review the removal procedure, visit the following Microsoft Web site: Technical support for Windows AntiSpyware (Beta)

During the beta period for Windows AntiSpyware, technical support will be limited to the following set of Microsoft newsgroups: Important This is prerelease (beta) software that is distributed for feedback and testing purposes Microsoft does not provide technical support for beta products If Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) is causing an issue with your system, we recommend that you remove it To do this, use Add or Remove Programs If the issue persists, use System Restore.

Length of use for Windows AntiSpyware (Beta)

Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) is designed to run for a limited number of days After you install the software, note the expiration date in the Message Center section of the main Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) window Currently, the beta period is scheduled to conclude either on July 31, 2005, or at final release of the product, whichever comes first At that time, you will be prompted to remove Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) from your computer This limited period of use is a standard feature of beta releases and ensures the long-term use of only fully supported software.

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Posted by Eramilde of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on February 9, 2005