How to print the contents of a folder


How do I print an index of the contents of a folder? Thanks!


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1 Dozens of shareware to do this

2 Go to a DOS prompt and type: DIR C:\foldername\*.* >LPT1

3 Print Folder Directories

Found this in PcWorlds January issue:

"Heres an easy way to print a list of the files contained in

a folder from inside Windows Explorer."

Launch Notepad, then type:

Dir %1&t; lpt1: and press Enter

Now type cls on the second line, BUT DO NOT PRESS Enter

There must not be anything, not even a blank line after cls

Save the two line file in you C:\Windows\Send To folder as


Now when you want to a printout of the files in a folder, right

click on the folder in Windows Explorer, and select

Send TO->printdir.bat


Dir C:\foldername\*.* >filename.txt (this will create a text file

to do with as you please)


Folder Print:

Print Folder:

Print Directory V 3.1 :


Or, if you don't want another program, here's 2 batch files,

one for creating a .txt file, the other sends it straight to

the printer

Open Notepad (only), type in **exactly** (or copy/paste from here)

For the .txt file:

dir %1 gt; C:\list.txt: cls

& save as: textdir.bat

For the printer:

dir %1 gt; lpt1: cls

& save as: printdir.bat

I save these two files in my "Send to" folder, that way I can just

right click on the folder to execute

this website helps you :

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Posted by cristina of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on January 17, 2005