Computer freezes and starts to beep


Hi, I had my computer for about 20 days and it froze and started to beep. When I hit the reset button there was no response so I turned it off using the switch on my powersupply. When I flipped the switch back on the computer turned on but there was no response from anything, it didn't boot up at all and the monitor didn't come on. The lights and fans (including CPU)work but nothing else seems to. When I disconnected the IDE connetors all my drives started to work and there was power to each but when I reconnected them and turned the computer on they stopped working again.

If you have any answers or suggestions I would greatly appricate them.




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Each time you start the computer, the BIOS conducts a power-on self-test (POST) If the computer freezes or otherwise fails to boot, the CPU may be unable to communicate with one or more hardware components The cause may be a faulty component, faulty installation or a problem with the BIOS During the POST, a series of beeps may sound an audio code to indicate what problem has occurred.

The meaning of the code will depend on what brand and version of BIOS is used Furthermore, motherboard and computer manufacturers will sometimes modify the BIOS and associated codes The table below describes the general case failure associated with the beep code for the three most popular BIOS' Be advised that because of a lack of standardization, your beep codes may not match this table.



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1 Beep

If the PC boots properly, then this beep is normal It is an audio cue that the PC has started to boot.

(AMI) Memory problem

(AWARD) Memory problem

2 Beeps

(AMI) Memory problem

3 Beeps

(AMI) Memory or motherboard problem

(AWARD) Video problem

4 Beeps

(AMI) System timer failure

(AWARD) Video Problem

5 Beeps

(AMI) CPU or motherboard problem

6 Beeps

(AMI) Keyboard or motherboard problem

7 Beeps

(AMI) CPU or motherboard problem

8 Beeps

(AMI) Video card or video memory problem

9 Beeps (AMI) Motherboard problem

10 Beeps (AMI) Motherboard problem

11 Beeps (AMI) Cache memory error

Continuous Beeping (AMI) Memory or Video Problem

(AWARD) Memory or Video Problem

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Posted by cristina of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on January 17, 2005