How to run diags?


how do i run diags??


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Run Diagnostics : this will tell you what to do...


Four standard tests can be run using the Test Menu (see the Select Tests and Configure and Start Test topics under Diagnostic Tasks) The Run Diags window allows you to run customized tests that must be downloaded to the host bus adapter (HBA) Instructions for creating customized tests is beyond the scope of this manual.

To download custom tests, use the same procedure for downloading other files and images See the Update Files and Images topic under Update FC Boot.


The Run Diags window allows you to run up to five tests at one time.

After starting lp6dutil, select the Debug Menu:

Press I The Run Diags window is displayed:

Select an adapter in the Adapter box.

Specify values in the Select Common Parameters area To change a value, tab to that field, then press the Backspace key to clear the field.

Repeat Count -

0 = Test will loop indefinitely until the test is manually stopped

X = X equals the number of times you want test or tests to be repeated If more than one test is specified, you cannot stop a test until all tests are complete.

Display Option - A binary code that determines what, if any message information will be printed in ASCII format to a serial port

00 = No information is printed

1F = All information is printed

03 = Minimal information is printed.

Request Type -

1 = Only one test can be run

2 = Multiple tests (up to five) can be run.

Entry Count - Number of tests to be run.

Error Action -

Stop = Test is stopped if an error is encountered

Ignore = Errors are ignored during testing

Repeat = If an error is encountered, the test is rerun

Loop = If an error is encountered, all tests are rerun.

Select Parameters for - This field allows you to access a Parameters Selection window for the selected test If multiple tests are downloaded, a down arrow is displayed on the right side of this box A separate Parameters Selection window is displayed for each test

Parameters Selection window -

Enter values in this window for the following custom test parameters:


Program ID

Revision Compability

Subtest 3

Subtest 2

Subtest 1

Subtest Selection

Select the OK button on the Parameters Selection window to set up the test The window is closed.

On the Run Diags window, select the Start button Results display in the Test Results box If multiple tests have run, a vertical scroll bar is displayed on the right side of the box This indicates that the box contains additional test results that exceed the display capabilities of the box Click on the scroll bar to view additional test results.

Select the Done button to close the window.

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