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Explorer caused invalid page?


i'm gettin the erro .explore caused aninvalid page fault in modulekernell 32:dll @017fbff7b9f6


This question was answered on March 20, 2005. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Please read the next article by Microsoft in order to fix your computer's problem:

Message of error "cmdninst that causes an error of nonvalid page" while it updates to Windows Millennium Edition

YOU GO of article : 277994

Last revision : Tuesday, 28 of September of 2004

Version : 1.0

If the error message that is receiving not describes in this article, it consults the following article of Microsoft Knowledge Base to see more articles in those than error messages are described:

315854 Center of resources of messages of error of Windows 98 and Windows Millennium Edition

If its problem related to the hardware is not described in this article, visits the Web site of following Microsoft to see more articles about hardware:

In this page




More information


While it updates to Windows Millennium Edition (Me), the messages of following error can appear during detection of hardware (Plug and Play):

Cmdninst caused an error of nonvalid page in kernel32.dll


Cmdninst caused an error of nonvalid page in user32.dll


Cmdninst has caused an error in setupx.dll


This behavior can happen if they are a controller or controller to declare obsolete installed for the hardware of his equipment.


In order to avoid this behavior, it on approval initiates his equipment in Way of errors and next, deshabilite any nonessential device:1 Reinitiate its equipment, you press, you maintain pressed key CTRL once its equipment completes the automatic Verification during the ignition (POST) and next, on approval chooses Way of errors in the menu Beginning

2 In Way on approval of errors, it clicks in My PC and next, it clicks in Properties

3 Click in the card Administrator of devices

4 Deshabilite devices installed in the following sections of the hardware tree:

• Ports (COM And LPT)

• Modems

• Network adapters

• Devices of sound, video and game

• Controller of bus universal series

• Devices bus universal series (if they exist)

• Enumerador of modem (if they exist)

• Infrared devices (if they exist)

In order to deshabilitar a device, it clicks double in the section in the tree of hardware to expand it, to click in the device and next, to click in Properties Click here to select to the square of Deshabilitar verification in this profile of hardware in the section Use of the device and in Aceptar Click next

5 Click in Accepting to close Administrator of devices and next, normally it reinitiates its equipment

After installation is completed, it returns to qualify devices, one in a time in Administrator of devices Consider that must reinitiate the its equipment after returning to qualify each device In order to return to qualify devices, it repeats passages of 2 in normal way (not in Way on approval of errors) to 5 but it clicks to deactivate the square of Deshabilitar verification in this profile of hardware in the section Use of the device in step 4 If it experiences any problem after you that you return to be qualifying a concrete device, it clears that device of Administrator of devices and next, it executes the tool To add new hardware in Control Panel If this does not solve the problem, póngase in contact with its manufacturer of hardware to see if there is available a controller updated for the device that is the cause of the problem.

NOTE : In order to open to Control Panel Click Beginning, it selects Configuration and next, it clicks in Control problem:

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Posted by Eramilde of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on March 20, 2005