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If I delet an e-mail accidentally from my hotmail inboc, can I contact hotmail support? do they retrieve my deleted mails?


This question was answered on March 19, 2005. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

When you use a Web based email program like Hotmail you are using your Internet Browser to log into a remote computer which stores your email When you delete an email you are deleting it from the remote computer and it cannot be recovered

However, if you have previously viewed the deleted Hotmail email on the computer that you are using it may be possible to recover copies of the pages that you have viewed

When you view Web based email with your Internet Browser a copy of the page you saw on your screen is written to your computer into the "Temporary Internet Cache" Caching is a way that computers speed up access to Internet pages You may have copies of the Web mail messages still stored in your Temporary Internet Files folder, or, as the cache is frequently automatically emptied, as a deleted HTML pages on your computer.

Run Recover My Files, in the first screen double click and on "add folders to search" Then you must find your "Temporary Internet Files" folder and add it to the search (in Windows XP you can add the "Documents and Settings" folder as the Temporary Internet Files folder is is a sub folder of this)

In order to search for deleted HTML files, add "C:" as a "drive to be search" for deleted files (by placing a green tick next to it).

Click next and in the "File Type Selection" screen select "HTML Documents" as the file type for which to conduct the search.

Run the search.

Preview the recovered Web pages files by clicking on the " " sign to show all recovered files and then highlighting each file, the contents of the HTML page will be displayed in the bottom window HTML pages will not be recovered with graphics but you will see all the text Look through the recovered file to find those ones that are from your Hotmail account.

You may also use the filter button to filter out only those pages that relate to Hotmail (eg search for files containing the keyword "Hotmail").

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Posted by Eramilde of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on March 19, 2005