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What is the cause of the scandisk error message?

Posted By : Kera of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on February 28, 2005

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Dear Sir/Madam.

When I try to run thorough scandisk w/correcting errors, it a box comes up and says "Scandisk has restarted 10 times, you must not have any programs running behind it".....or something similar too that........I run Windows Scandisk with absolutely no other program running and it always says the same thing........What could possibly be making it restart so much, and as a result unable to complete the task????

Thank you very much in advance.

Ann-Marie Telford


This question was answered on February 28, 2005. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

The problem will persist in one of the following situations:

1 If Windows or another program writes to the hard disk while ScanDisk is scanning that disk.

2 If an item on the Quick Launch toolbar periodically writes to the hard disk while ScanDisk runs.

3 When an antivirus program is running or when a Microsoft Word document is open and the autosave feature is active.

To help determine if an item is causing ScanDisk to restart:

1 Remove items from the Quick Launch Toolbar

a When you remove an item from the Quick Launch toolbar, do not delete the program file, delete only a shortcut to that file To restore a shortcut to the Quick Launch toolbar, drag it to a blank area of the Quick Launch toolbar.

2 Quit all running programs

a In the Close Program dialog box, click any program in the list, except Explorer or Systray, and then click End Task If you are prompted to click End Task again.

b Set the screen saver to none

3 Restart your computer in Safe Mode; press and hold down the CTRL key after your computer completes the Power On Self Test (POST), and then choose Safe Mode from the Startup menu

After you restart the computer in Safe mode, try running ScanDisk again.

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Posted by Kera of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on February 28, 2005

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