Power supply problem?


I just recently bought a power supply to replace the old, defected one in my HP desktop w/Celeron. The mother board says ATX on it so I purchased a ATX power supply.

During the installation of the new power supply, everything is just like the one I am replacing except the "P7" plug. This is the plug above the 20 pin motherboard connector. My old unit had the "p7" labled connecter and it was a 3 pin and one of the wires was green. The new unit I have has no such connector. Btw the new unit does not have the plugs labled as P1,P2....ETC. But I really couldn't even find a plug that resemebled the one from my old unit. Not to mention there is no green wire at all in my new unit.

So basically, what is that "P7" connector? And what do I do now?



This question was answered on October 21, 2005. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

You wanted to know what the P7 connector was for The P7 connector is for the floppy drive Power supplies wire colors may be slightly different The pin assignment is standard There are two types of ATX power supplies There is the standard ATX and the SFX power supply The SFX power supply is for smaller Computers Hp uses these SFX power supplies in there smaller pc’s.

The connector’s should be standard on all ATX power supplies If you still have the old power supply you might want go to the store where you bought your new power supply and see if the have a power supply that is the same as your old one You might also want to see if your owner’s manual tells what type of power supply you have.

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Posted by Kenward of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on October 21, 2005