Your computer is shutting down by itself?


why is my computer shutting down on its own it does it intermitently sometimes it can be on for days sometimes it wont stay on for long.when it does go off i have to unplug power supply for a few seconds to start it up again i mean pull the cable out off the back off the tower.also the cpu speed is 133mhz but it will only stay on intermitently 0n 100mhz


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Computer with Uninterruptible Power Supply Does Not Start After Power Loss Even After AC Power Is Restored

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Some computers that have an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) may not start after the UPS shuts off the computer after a power loss, even when the main alternating current (AC) power supply is restored.


This problem occurs when the BIOS setting for system behavior after power restoration is Stay Off, or when the value of the Last State setting is Stay Off When the BIOS setting is Last State and the system shuts down without pausing at the "It is now safe to power off your computer" message, the value of the Last State setting defaults to Stay Off When this behavior occurs, the system does not restart even after the power is restored from the UPS.

Note These setting names may not be the same for your computer's BIOS settings Contact your computer manufacturer for details about the BIOS settings on your computer.


To work around this issue, configure the BIOS settings so that the computer always starts when the AC power supply is restored


The BIOS of most computers contains the equivalents of the following settings: Always On, Always Off, and Last State in the "After AC Power Supply Fails" section of the BIOS settings These settings generate the following behaviors when the main AC power supply is restored:• Always On: The computer starts

• Always Off: The computer stays off

• Last State: The computer returns to the last state of AC power

Note Not all computers have these settings or use the same names for these settings Contact your computer manufacturer for details about the BIOS settings on your computer

When a program calls the ExitWindowsEx() function with EWX_SHUTDOWN to shut down the computer, some computers may not start up even after the power is restored from UPS For additional information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

819037 Computer Powers Off Unexpectedly If a Program Calls the ExitWindowsEx() Function

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Posted by Eramilde of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on March 5, 2005