How can I use the AGP port on a IBM A30 computer


I have an IBM think centre A30 refurbished computer , it has an AGP slot , I have tried installing several AGP video cards and I get no video , I know the video cards are good because they work in my other computer. Under video in setup their is no mention of an AGP , it only list the integrated and pci . With the AGP video card installed but using the integrated video output connection ,I checked the device manager and found no listing of the AGP Slot or video card . Is this because the AGP video slot is not wired in or is there some way to turn this on ?


This question was answered on April 29, 2005. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Unfortunately, this computer's motherboard does NOT have the capability to use the AGP port that is on the motherboard It is disabled that is why when you plug in your AGP video card that you have no video There is no way to enable this function on your motherboard, you can only use the built in video that comes with your computer.


Looking at the system board, you will find an Accelerated Graphics Port slot Inserted within the slot is a port block adapter, which will not allow for any AGP video adapter to be installed into the slot without being removed When this blocking adapter is removed, and any AGP video adapter installed, the adapter will not function and the BIOS may not see the adapter.


None No hardware should by replaced for the above symptom The system is working as designed This is a limitation of the system board as these are listed as Economy or Value systems with the functionality of the Intel 845GL chipset.

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Posted by Ronald of Chandler-Gilbert Community College on April 29, 2005