How to manually un-install McAffe software.


I am not able to delete my virus (mcafee)software. It will not initialize when I click on the icon to scan for viruses. I recently installed a spy sweeper and they both were conflicking in start up. So I decided to delete them both and redo one without being in startup. My virus software is idle. Also, since then I am not able to connect to the internet. My homepage is gone and nothing will click open when I try to change my password. Could it be that I have a virus?


This question was answered on June 15, 2005. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

Use the following steps to manually un-install McAfee software.

Backup the registry.

1 Click Start, then Run

2 Type REGEDIT then click OK The Registry Editor will appear

3 Click on Registry from the menu, then click on Export Registry File

4 The Export Registry File dialog box will then appear The top of this dialog box contains an option entitled Save In Make sure 'Desktop' is selected for the Save In option If it is not, click the pull-down arrow and select Desktop from the list

5 In the File Name field type RegistryBackup

6 In the Export Range group box make sure 'All' is selected

7 Click on the Save button

Note: If you need to restore the Registry you can double click on the RegistryBackup file you created Once you have finished using the registry editor and are certain everything is working properly, it is important to delete the backup file to avoid reverting back to the old registry settings To delete the file, right-click on it and select Delete.

Edit the registry

8 Click ( ) next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

9 Click ( ) next to Software

10 Click ( ) next to

11 Delete any instance of a VirusScan folder or VSO folder

12 Click ( ) next to Microsoft

13 Click ( ) next to Windows

14 Click ( ) next to CurrentVersion

15 Select the Run folder

16 Right-click and delete each of the following (if present):

* VirusScan

* VirusScan Online

* VSOChecktTask

17 Select the Uninstall folder

18 Right-click and delete VirusScan Online

19 Close the Registry Editor

20 Restart your computer

Remove Temporary Internet Files (Cache)

1 From the Taskbar, click Start, then Run Enter the following: inetcpl.cpl

Note: Windows 98 users must click Start, Settings, Control Panel Double click Internet Options

2 Click the General tab

3 Click Delete Files in the "Temporary Internet files" section

4 Make sure Delete all offline content is checked and click OK

5 If available, click Apply

6 Click OK

Delete all McAfee files/folders

1 From the Taskbar, click Start

2 Click Run

3 Type Explorer and click OK

4 Double-click My Computer

5 Double-click C: drive

6 Delete the MC?????.tmp folder(s), if present.

Note: ? = these could be numbers or letters

7 From the C: drive, double-click Program Files

8 Double-click McAfee

9 Delete the VSO and Shared folders, if present

10 Close the Windows Explorer window

11 Click the Start button

12 Click Run

13 Type %widir% ad click OK

14 Find and delete the MCBIN folder (if exists)

Remove ActiveX components

1 Double Click My Computer

2 Double Click the C: drive icon

3 Double Click the Windows folder (Note: This folder name may be WINNT for users with Windows 2000 or XP upgraded from 2000)

4 Double Click the Downloaded Program Files folder

5 Delete any McAfee ActiveX components (examples: Operating system class, McAfee Installer Class, McAfee TYP class, McAfee Tree class.)


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Posted by Kisha of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on June 15, 2005