How do I restore my pc back to fctory settings


When I switch my computer on it just keeps on re-booting on an endless cycle, It has done this before and had to put computer back to factory settings but I can't remember how to do this. When I left it this morning I got into safe mode somehow and left for work while it was doing a norton anti virus check. How do I put it back to factory settings?


This question was answered on June 1, 2005. Much of the information contained herein may have changed since posting.

In the event of a hard drive failure or a fatal virus attack, it is possible to restore your PC to the way it was when your last regularly scheduled backup was done Not only your data files, but your desktop settings, start menu, programs menu, browser settings, etc should be perfectly restored This is only possible if you performed the backup according to our instructions If so, proceed as follows in the sequence specified:

1-Replace your hard drive, or have it repaired It will now be empty

2-Setup your computer to its original factory configuration, call the manufacturer for assistance Usually new computers arrive with a special CD for restoring your computer to its original factory settings You will also have to reinstall you operating system whether Windows or Mac.

3-Re-install any additional software from the CDs that you have added since the computer was purchased

4-Restore and re-install any software that you paid to download The original download file should have been backed up when it was first installed (see "Adding Software") You can now restore these as single files into the "My Downloads" folder and then install them (i.e., open them) This is done by running the same program you used to create the backup in the first place, except now you choose the "Restore" option

5-Restore everything (full restore) from your most recent regularly scheduled backup This is done by running the same program you used to create the backup in the first place, except now you choose the "Restore" option and opt to restore everything to its original location

Re-download and re-install the software that you had 6-downloaded for free The web sites should have been bookmarked when you did the initial download (see "Adding Software") and these bookmarks has now been restored in step 5 (above)

7-Perform your standard weekly, monthly, and quarterly maintenance tasks (see Routine PC Maintenance)

Re-create your anti-virus emergency diskettes.

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Posted by Johanna of Katharine Gibbs School - New York on June 1, 2005